My Blue Hawaii
July 11, 2011, 4:00 pm
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I honestly cannot complain about this weekend, and yet I am afraid I still have a little touch of the blues. It might have dissapated in the last couple of days (in fact I am sure that it did, there was much mirth and activity around the garm) yet I still feel disjointed and somewhat sad. I really hope that it isnt the research on eco issues of note that is stirring up feelings of hopelessness and despair, or my fear that our country is in true peril of losing its democracy in favor of power hungry dictatorship. I just kinda have this little nagging ‘meowwwwwww’ that is making me feel sluggish and yucky.

In direct contrast, Friday night …despite the work that went into prepping for Farmers Market, we finished all of our tasks early enough to drag ourselves to bed early, laden with big bowls of jalapeno mac and cheese, and fall asleep watching tv. Saturday, MonkeyMan had banging success at the market, and as usual came home loaded with fresh local goodies to feed the week. The real high point (for me) were three ripe peaches he scored from a local trusted vendor, signaling one of my all-time favorite things about summer — fruit.

Yesterday, as I do most Sundays, was finish up chores and get ready for the week. This usually means cleaning and cutting local lettuce for our lunches, baking something if needed, and tidying up the kitchen. MonkeyMan was pulling our turnips and putting up leeks again, and it was a very hot and sticky day at the garm. Too hot to mow the lawn. Since our brown furry beasts, Dante and Lady, were outside all day, my husband filled our kiddie pool for Lady to wade in. Granted sometimes she views it as just one big water dish– but either way its super cute. Ironically, Dante is afraid of water.

This is terribly unusual for a labrador. It is genetically ordered on their hard-drive to love water, naturally know how to swim, and be adept at retrieving object from the water. We aren’t certain how this fear came to Dante, but he can’t seem to shake it. This was evidenced through a hilarious story told to us by our breeder a few years ago.

The MonkeyMan and I had a family reunion to attend (his family) in Colorado and we were unable to take the dogs, so our breeder offered to kennel them for us during our vacation. She lives on a farm out in the Iowa countryside. Unfortunately, Dante suffers from ear infections, and water irritates them and allows the bacteria to grow, but….our breeder, D, decided to take all the dogs swimming. In a FARM POND 😦 Naturally we didn’t find out about this until after the fact.

In the dog kingdom (or, I should say ‘queendom’) females are the aggressors and dominant. Lady is no exception to this rule. Despite her petite stature and demure attitude, she is very confident and in control of most situations. Her strong side is usually triggered by competition, and a fine example of this is any struggle over food or an object. D’s objective in taking the dogs — all of her dogs-to the pond was to exercise them and also do a little training, so she also brought along some dummies. Fabric or rubber oblong dummies are used in dog-training to teach retreiving, and sometimes also to acclimate a dog to a particular scent, like duck or pheasant.

When the dogs got to the water they all dove in happily except for Dante, who did a dance on the shore, happy to watch from afar. D flung a dummy into the water, and promptly Lady lunged for it, as did another female. A snarling, hissing, fang-baring fued ensued between Lady and her opponent. Dante barked away and shuffled nervously at the water’s edge, torn between his fear of water and loyalty towards his sister.

Yesterday….I don’t know if it was my well-buried funk or the beauty and heat of the summer day, but I actually went into the house, changed into my old lady bathing suit, and SAT in the pool. After I actually let myself submerge into the refreshing cool hose water, I lay legs dangling over the side in total bliss, forgetting what a spectacle I was making for the neighborhood, until I heard the shouts of my next door neighbor calling his dog. When I opened my eyes I saw the look of complete amazement and utter horror as he drank in my chubby, ghost white, almost forty ass wallowing in that bright blue plastic baby pool. I erupted with laughter at how he must have thought I had finally lost my mind, and how I was enjoying myself more than I have in months…..just doing something completely simple, and utterly out of the ordinary.



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