Sometimes I just feel….Disney
July 12, 2011, 7:06 pm
Filed under: How I got Here

Last night I was relaxing on the deck when my husband came home, just enjoying the late afternoon and a fashion mag, and he asked me how my day was.

“Well you know, it started off horrible. I didn’t feel well. I was shakey, cranky, tired, you name it. But by three o’clock I was fine and now I am dandy.”

And that is pretty much how every day goes. I am not a morning person or a night person, I am an afternoon person. Every day by around ohhhhhh 5pm? I am feeling terrific. Today it is 1:30pm and I am feeling a lot better than usual. I had a fantastic dialogue with a co-worker about swiss chard and the beauty of grass fed beef. I found some real treasures at the library –including a hot off the presses new Dead Weather album, and right now? I am eating fresh, scrumptious, juicy, sweet, amazing organic homegrown peaches from a fellow farmer. I am a little high šŸ™‚ But wait there is more!

Since I started this blog adventure two weeks ago I began browsing other people’s offerings, and I have to tell you it’s really exciting. Today I discovered yearofkindness, which is all about the experiment of adding a random act of kindness to your daily schedule. This is beautiful, meaningful and awesomely Jesusy, and it just kind of made me think about everything in a totally different way, and it really reminded me how grateful I am for the wonderful life I am lucky enough to be living right now. Once I referred to these little bouts of excitement I have to a friend as ‘when I get a little Disney.’ Basically that means that sometimes I see technicolor everywhere and the world has the sheen of a candy-coated cartoon, and I am the happy Little Mermaid swirling around in a lush underwater paradise. The only thing missing is talking bunnies and elves — lots of elves.

So I am reading along today and I determined that my destiny for the day is to spread this blessed word of the kindness experiment, especially since July 13th (TOMORROW) has been deemed Act of Kindness day. If you choose to act, the goal is simple: perform one random act of selfless kindness tomorrow. Thats it. If you ask me the hard part is not garnering up the conviction to do it but picking what it is to do. The world needs so much help, and it all begins with just caring anyway. I havent even discovered my purpose for tomorrow but I am sure it will likely involve food (after all that is kind my thing).

So thats really all I have today. Hug your kids, pet your dog, smell the flowers….and have a fabulous day. It’s summer and we have a lot to be thankful for, no matter who we are.


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