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July 14, 2011, 4:26 pm
Filed under: The Movement

It had to happen, and the time is now. I am going to insert a little personal political opinion and everyone might not like it. But fortunately, since I wage all arguments against the article of freedom, I live to openly express myself and thus, I am going to rant…..just a tad.

MonkeyMan and I are very big supporters of Ron Paul. Basically a strong libertarian and independant, he will likely if not definetly run under the guise of a Republican in the next presidential election. I will not waste time discussing his stance on any of the issues, other than to tell you openly that I have never believed more in any other political candidate who has ever run for office. I have always been a libertarian myself, and I admit that over the course of the last several years I have lost a lot of hope in our government. The things I hold dear to my heart; protecting the freedom of the nation and the sanctity of the environment, preserving peace around the world and heralding the value of the constitution….these are all fundamentals which have fallen to the wayside in favor of religious, special interest, high taxed affairs of which I find of little or no consequence. But anyhoo….

So MonkeyMan comes home last night and says “Mannnn the Free the Weeders were out tonight.” He was referring to the Paul supporters who are using the legalization of marijuana as their paramount topic to garner support for his nomination.  Aside from the fact that Paul is in support of legalization of drugs across the board, this saddens us deeply that it is the hot buzz to voters. “I kinda wanted to pull over and talk to these people. There was a woman carrying a baby and a “Moms for Weed” sign.”

Talk about sending the wrong message.

I support the legalization measure — but for other reasons which are much more scientific and rationally based. I am opposed to the high level of attention being placed on such a small and frankly, debatable, issue. Likewise I greatly fear that it alienates the receptiveness of voters to hear the other, much more important measures Paul favors, like ending the wars we are unnecessarily involved in and bringing home American troops. As I told MonkeyMan last night “You can’t enact a law, or end a law, based on just ‘wanting to do something’ — like smoke weed. There has to be a real reason why it is a positive or negative law.” That made him chuckle a little. Probably because (as normal) I was gesturing wildly while saying it. And he made an excellent point: these advocates that are on streetcorners, attempting to cojole new supporters for their cause — are not in any way interested in the powerful asset of hemp. Hemp is plentiful, renewable, inexpensive and durable, but because it is a product of the marijuana debate, we are legally unable to freely use it as a fabulous natural resource. And we can ALL admit — we are seriously hurting for any natural resources in this country right now.

Part of me hates the stress of getting all involved in a political movement right now, but in another way, a little doorway of hope has opened a crack. There is a little light coming in to remind me that –no matter what, one person can always make a difference. It so hard to remember that and so easy to get distracted or frustrated. I commend people for the courage that it takes to fight– for any cause- even if I disagree with it.


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