And more onions (the part 2)
July 25, 2011, 2:56 pm
Filed under: Saving the Harvest

It may be glaringly self-evident that the post I just added was actually written last week; my onion picture snafu-d everything and I had to terminate typing and just publish the post…and that made me crabby so I said screw it and took a breather.

But this weekend was truly a weekend to beat all weekends in terms of food storage. Good grief. I spent Friday night, Saturday and Sunday most of the day putting up greens and onions. We magically discovered as of yesterday (by accident) that a great many of our carrots are rarin to go…and so add to that a big bag of freshly scrubbed carrots. MonkeyMan has been a weeding fool the last two weeks (we do everything by hand) and thus the beds, Nader and Gore respectfully– look amazing. I have to move my mint patch as it has crept into the collards in Nader, and the basil floweth over, so we bestowed a small bundle to our neighbors. Even my rasberries are taking off.

I have never had the greenest of thumbs–save for my beets and carrots. Therefore when my sister in law gave me some cuttings from her rasberry bushes several years ago, I was reluctant that they would take. You see, my sister in law (who is a really beautiful and amazing person in every respect) also grows beautiful and amazing rasberries. Every Christmas we anxiously await her homemade rasberry jam that she gives out to all the adults as a gift. I love homemade gifts, especially food, and its become a really cool tradition in my husbands family to share our talents and the gems of our garden post harvest.

But I do not kid myself into thinking that I would have the luck of rasberries myself. In fact, it really intimidated me, and so maybe I didn’t try so hard to make it work.

However, that is where MonkeyMan swoops in and saves the day. He is a stubborn Taurus and –like a bull– took the situation by the reigns and planted me a deep strong row of rasberry bushes, once again from his sister’s cuttings. Tomorrow I will be sure to include a picture.

We also have –every variety of onion you could ever imagine, including delicious sweet little pearl onions. This weekend I remembered to clean some and pickle them. You can pickle them exactly the same way that you do the beets, and then you either eat them plain of incorporate them into a Gibson. A Gibson is just like a martini except you substitute pickled onion for the olive. Icy cold gin or vodka ( I never use vermouth-but you can) strained into a stemmed glass and annointed with the onion speared onto a toothpick. Very cool– especially if you serve at a party where you can explain that you are using homegrown onions.

MonkeyMan and I realized the other day that the amount of meals we are eating that are over 50% from our garden or local trusted chemical free vendors — its growwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwing (no pun intended). This is an amazing feeling and it only makes me want to get more crazy and pure with my eating habits. Its a lot like becomming a vegetarian and then realizing that the transition to vegan isnt that hard, it feels natural and exciting.

I told MonkeyMan the other day that I must be a weirdo because I find cleaning and putting up onions (we freeze them) to be fun. Or maybe I am just the most boring person in the world….but perception….really IS 9/10 of reality. And sometimes it’s the whole hog.


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