My onions can beat up your onions-Part 1
July 25, 2011, 2:37 pm
Filed under: Saving the Harvest

No posts the last two days….work has me swamped and its taking a toll on my nerves. Luckily– its Thursday. I am seriously thinking that Saturday might wind up being another ‘blueberry pancakes in bed praying for Real Housewives of New York marathon’ morning, but who is to say. Sometimes my blues magically disappear at the start of a sunshiney summer weekend.

I am hereby declaring Fridays my ‘tackle important issues’ day, like the activism I am involved in, the political causes I support…all of them truthfully surrounding environmental issues…wildlife preservation….food…etc. But it sorta looks like everything else I write is going to be about eating local chemical free food, and self sufficient living. I only last week (don’t laugh) realized that my husband and I are more or less part of the locavore movement (I hadn’t known what that meant) and so that changes things, opens up my access to information and researching topics that directly effect us as a home and business.

So…in respect to local food, I am going to impart the events that took place last night. When I arrived home after work my husband was busy putting up more onions, as this is our first year growing onions and discovering either they are insanely easy to grow, we are really good at it, or both. The groovy thing about onions too is that they are natural pesticides when grown along other plants — they discourage the presence of the cabbage moth for example…which as collard growers, the nasty bugger is very destructive. Well — last night we had about –golly …this many onions:



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