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July 26, 2011, 7:21 pm
Filed under: The Movement

Time for a wee bit more political ranting.

Earlier today MonkeyMan showed me a pretty cool article on NHNE (New Heaven New Earth) about how 270,000 farmers are suing Monsanto. That takes a lot of courage, but I will say one thing: organic farmers are NOTHING if not courageous.  One thing I have discovered since entering this realm of consciencous consumption is that it becomes a core fiber of your being– you cannot go back. Once the knowledge –the TRUTH–behind commercial farming and commercial food production is revealed, it is almost impossible to back down from the fight. That’s really exciting (to me) –I just hope that we win. Personally, I don’t give a real fig about what some people want to place into their bodies– I am more concerned with preserving our right to feed ourselves and our communities the way we want to. I would love it if everyone educated themselves towards universal change, but they simply cannot do that if we aren’t free to produce food our way…which, incidentally is the natural way 🙂

Yesterday I was playing around on Care2, doing a little research and improving my daily vibe by refreshing my mind and reassuring myself that there is more good in the world than evil, and I happened upon a little quizzzzzzzz.

I love school. I love education. I love reading and learning. Every day on my morning drive I wistfully cruise by the state university where I did all my undergrad work and received my Masters degree. And I wish I were one of those hopeful newbies, laden with books and starry eyed enthusiasm, brains like sponges ready to soak. Preferably I would like to be one of the stellar cute awesomely dressed Asian exchange students, but I digress.

So finding this quiz my interest was piqued, especially since it was about our food smarts. I cracked my knuckles and set in for victory– despite the fact that the quiz was developed by Oprah Winfrey. Not dogging the Queen of Talk but….ok forgive me. Rich celebrities frost my non-existent balls (that phrase is way funnier when spoken by one with existent balls). All I can think about is what could be done with gobs and gobs of money! And I am soooooooooooo NOT talking about mansions and diamond 18 carat baby rattles and Hummer limousines and ….Lord knows what else. I am sure she is a nice lady and all but I am not exactly one of the billion housewives lining up in the grocery store aisle to ponder her latest narcissistic magazine venture.

Howevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver, I was really impressed that she challenged readers to take this quiz and also to become interested in this tumultuous food issue. She has the persuasive powers of a sven gali so — I have to be grateful she uses some powers for good instead of evil.

Here is the link to the quiz.

 It’s five questions…take it. But then, if you get some wrong– or right even– probe further, open your eyes, and dip a toe into our pool. The cold may shock you at first, but don’t be afraid. The more you know, the more warrior you will find within yourself to join the good fight.


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