Climb Every Mountain
July 28, 2011, 3:55 pm
Filed under: Activism, The Movement

About 3-4 years ago, MonkeyMan and I were journeying to a reunion of his extended family in Colorado. We had anticipated camping for a week before the reunion, just spending some quality time fishing and hiking, but our estimated time of arrival was…off. We had reservations at a fantastic National Park near Rifle, Colorado…but we arrived a tad early and had nowhere to stay. ALL campgrounds were full, and we were a little nervous to pitch our tent in the wilderness. Animals and mother nature were no threat, we were more afraid of being ticketed by the local jondarms 😦

As a result, very tired and crabby, we settled into a horribly over-priced and under-maintained local motel. It was late, we grumbled a little to one another and fell asleep, and the next morning attempted to begin a new adventure.

Somehow, we were bemused by the idea that this is the town that housed the Columbine tragedy several years back. Instead, we happened upon another, even more grisly and upsetting discovery: mountaintop removal.

We noticed that several of the ordinarily picturesque and breathtakingly beautiful skylines were crowded with ugly machinery and what appeared to be — MINING devices. Now, I say this affectionately, but…my husband is any money-grubbing politicians worst nightmare. Not only is he as curious as they come but once he gets his  mind set upon something he is as persistent as an attack dog. His dedication to ‘get to the bottom of things’ is positively RABID. Thus, he just had to find out what was happening here, and even from our travelling limbo state — he began his inquiry.

People don’t like to talk about this subject, and the government REALLY ‘ want you to know it is a reality. Rather than place my own spin on things, I have decided today to impart the information that led me to my opinion, and let you decide for yourself. Here are informative links. Let me warn you, this topic became the gateway drug to my lust for eco-activism. I really hope it inspires you to take up the same addiction. The only negative side effects are hoarse throat from screaming, red eyes from crying, and irritated family members tired of hearing your endless rant. All easily treatable 🙂

That’s all I will say for now. Maybe tomorrow I will have a fluffy bunny story. Maybe not. Although I am simply mad about bunnies….


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