The end of an era?
August 29, 2011, 3:46 pm
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I wrote this weeks ago and got too busy to finish so I am posting it now. Still relevant.

So its Friday — Activism Friday, and per usual I have oodles of topics I would love to cover but I got a little sidetracked — as one does when they are used to thinking on the abstract non-stop….well, that and the fact that I cant concentrate for beans…and I have the attention span of a gnat. A young, restless, very cranky and foot tapping gnat.

So here I was all ready with my 5 species that are facing extinction (wanna hint?? FROGS. why?? frog leg eating at an all time high– no I am not kidding how wild is that????) But alas, no Kermit-talk today. That is because as I was reeling on the concept that we are consuming frog legs at a more rapid rate than they can reproduce….I started thinking about a different kind of extinction.

This is about the extinction of humanity. I do not mean the human race. I am referring to the instinctual nature of man to care about his fellow man. To care enough to dedicate a portion of your life, your status quo, your desensitized not caring situation, into one where you sacrifice a bit of that comfort zone to become more involved in the planet, and its inhabitants, than you once were.

What made me think of this is actually an episode of the new Rosanne Barr reality show. I guess she lives in Hawaii now and farms and is kind of  a new age hippie. In any case, she just– out of the blue went out and bought this van and told her boyfriend and her son to go pick a bunch of veggies off their farm. She wanted to take them to the poor parts of town and hand them out for free.

A couple of things about this. Hawaii has one of the highest (if not the highest) child abuse rate in the United States. This is because the unemployment rate is astronomical. Things like unemployment contribute greatly to substance abuse and poverty. Ever watch Dog the Bounty Hunter? Pretty much everyone in Hawaii who hasnt scored a gig in the tourist biz is on ICE (super bad form of meth amphetamine). So– trust there are a lot of poor folk. And a lot of children that are not being cared for properly. A lot of people are really jaded about the homeless. I do not think they stop to consider how it would feel to be faced with that adversity themselves. And in this world right now, in America, with this administration, we have never been closer to it being a reality for ANY of us.

Roseanne’s kids were very cynical and discouraging. They told her she needed a vending permit (uhhhh duhhhh not to GIVE STUFF AWAY) and she said ‘This communist/ socialist dictatorship so called ‘America’ isnt gonna tell me I can’t give away free food!!!!’ Man, I loved that. We have actually gotten so poisonous as a society that doing good is viewed with more skepticism that doing bad!! WTF???  Speaking of which, its time for me to return to my worm-work and get my bills paid by prostituting myself to the man. Oh well… least I get to! And in a few hours I get to go home. I have a home, which is so much more than many can say. Life is good.



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